Saline potato chain in the Wadden Sea region

The project "Saline potato chain in the Wadden Sea region - farming with salt" responds to the salinity problems that will be influencing the agriculture in the Wadden Sea region, in the very near future. First priority is to demonstrate that potatoes can be cultivated under saline conditions and how the current cultivation methods need to be adjusted to this. Using 8 different potato varieties for the period of 3 breeding seasons, the salt tolerance and components of these varieties are being determined (saline passport). This project is partly accomplished by Salt Farm Texel in corporation with 'Waddenfonds' and several commercial parties including local potato breeders.

Duration project:

Fase 1:
Fase 2: Oct. 2015 - Dec. 2017

The project is carried out by 'Zilte Teelten BV' (Saline Crops BV). Because of the coordination of Zilte Teelten BV, Salt Farm Texel works together with breeders, growers, distributors among other market participants to upscale the Saline potato.

The consortium consists of:

- Potato farmers:
Newstyle Potatoes B.V. (Berlikum) – Tradehouse and holder of plant variety rights
D. Biemond. B.V. (Eenrum) – Farming farm new potato varieties
Fobek B.V. (St. Annaparochie) – Farming farm new potato varieties
Smits Berlikum (Berltsum) – Tradehouse
Texel Saline B.V. (Texel) – Farming farm and tradehouse in saline vegetables and potatoes and holder of plant variety rights
AC. Loogman & Zn. - Tradehouse

- 15 breeders from the Wadden Sea region:
G. Geel, K.J. Jensma, Mts Sevenster Andela, Fa Goodijk, Mts H. en R. Brolsma, Mts Biemond, Mts Westers, K.H. Biemond, J. Biemond, V.O.F. Hin-Van Santen, V.O.F. A.M. Langeveld, A.T. Texel (Broekman), Landbouwbedrijf de Hemmer, H.J. Lammers, R. de Jong

- Knowledge institute:
Zilt Proefbedrijf B.V., Dr. A. de Vos (Den Hoorn, Texel)

- Marketing office:


The project is being financed of contributions of the 'Waddenfonds, the Provinces: Noord-Holland, Fryslan and Groningen and by contributions of the project partner.