Salt potatoes in Pakistan

Local Pakistan farmers working at a salt potato testfield

Research station Texel

Salt Farm Texel researches various aspects of salinization and salt water irrigation related to growth and quality of crops and halophytes.

Salt potatoes

The unique salt potatoes cultivated by Salt Farm Texel on saline soil. The taste is very aromatic and no salt needs to be added while cooking.

Salt Farm Texel

With the world population expected to reach 9 billion before 2050, agricultural production has to increase with 70%. At the same time, less fresh water will become available for agriculture so the challenge is to produce more food with less water. While everybody is focussing on fresh water for agricultural production, Salt Farm Texel has a different perspective. Worldwide about 1.5 billion hectares of land is salt affected and this number increases with 3 hectare every minute. Also, the amount of brackish water is equal to the amount of fresh water. Up until now, these saline resources of the world have not been recognized as a way to increase agricultural production. Now, Salt Farm Texel is demonstrating the possibilities to use these resources by means of cultivating salt tolerant crops.
SaltFarm Texel specializes in evaluating the salt tolerance of conventional crops and halophytes, performing large-scale screening of possible salt tolerant cultivars, and developing saline agricultural practices. We work together with NGO's, breeders and farmers across the world.


  • We are attending the kickstart of a new project - SIMBA (Sustainable Innovation of MicroBiome Applications in Food……


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