Salt Farm Foundation continues with research and knowledge development.

The work carried out by Salt Farm Texel is now being carried out by Salt Farm Foundation since mid-2019. Salt Farm Foundation carries out small scale research every year on Texel.

Salt Farm Foundation is currently focusing on improving the yield of already identified salt-tolerant crop varieties of potatoes, carrots etc. For this Salt Farm Foundation uses seaweed extracts as fertilizers and bio-stimulants. Salt Farm Foundation works together with Waddenwier under the EU project Interreg SalFar. Furthermore, Salt Farm Foundation in the coming period will work on processing the data development by Salt Farm Texel and make it available for the farmers and other knowledge partners in the Netherlands and around the world.

aardappel proefveld.jpg
Foto: Potato research with seaweed extract in 2020

Check out the recent Dutch TV broadcast in connection with international Climate Adaptation Summit organised by the Netherlands on 25-26 January 2021.

Commercializing produces from saline agriculture

In order to create more awareness on the market for produces from saline agriculture, Salt Farm Foundation is advising Waddenwier to grow halophytic and salt-tolerant plants. Waddenwier specializes in growing seaweed on land, and by also growing halophytic and salt-tolerant plants, it develops special products for the consumers and HORECA industries. This way consumers and companies will gain awareness about saline agriculture and will help to develop a market for saline produces for the future. 

Molentjes.jpg    IMG_0177.jpg
Foto 1: Spice mills developed by processing seaweed and salt-tolerant plants.
Foto 2: Fresh sea banana

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