Name change: Zilt Proefbedrijf, Salt Farm Texel, Marc.Foods and Waddenwier continue under one name: Saline-Farming.

Climate change, migration, devaluation of land are all consequences that have to be dealt with salinization. This increases the demand for development and practical knowledge about salinization worldwide. By combining more than 12 years of experience under the name ‘Saline-Farming’, our consultants can address these questions much better.

"The new path that Saline-Farming takes is contributing to the awareness and pride of our employees and also makes it clear to the outside world who we are, what we do and what we want. The ambition is to set up an education and training centre on every continent within 10 years in order to transfer our valuable knowledge in practice to those people who need it, "says managing director Gunnar Larsen. "In order to achieve this ambition, knowledge and communication play an important role, which is why we have opted for a joint name. Saline-Farming covers all the expertise that we have, for farmers on land and at sea".

Saline-Farming has its roots on Texel and operates with 17 employees. The company handles the transfer and development of practical knowledge in the field of saline agriculture and aquaculture. In addition, she develops products for the consumer market. Saline-Farming distinguishes itself because it has been conducting scientific research itself for more than 10 years and can immediately put it into practice.

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