Highlights 2015

Salt Farm Texel, Zilt Proefbedrijf and Marc Foods are looking back at a great year. Salinity is no longer an issue that's being ignored. Universities, governments and farmers are starting to see that salinization is a topic. We showed the world that there are opportunities to use salt affected land by growing salt tolerant crops. Main topics we work on: research on salt tolerant crops and halophytes, using of less fresh water and feeding the growing population on earth.

Highlights of 2015

  • Our head R&D, Dr. A. de Vos represented us by speaking on the 'Global Forum of Innovation in Agriculture' in Abu Dhabi.
  • First salt tolerant potatoes were harvested in Pakistan in the project 'Securing Water for Food'. Projectpartners are MetaMeta and Jaffer.
  • First 4 salt tolerant potato varieties are evaluated by the government of Pakistan for approval in order to import large quantities.
  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh visited Salt Farm Texel.
  • 28 (inter-) national film crews made a report about us.
  • 54 countries contacted us for information or cooperation.
  • Together with a potato breeder, 200 varieties of potatoes were tested on our open-air lab to find more salt tolerant varieties.
  • Also 20 different kind of crops, e.g. sweet potato, sunflower, pumpkins and carrots were tested.
  • First salt tolerant tomatoes were harvested. They taste great! Sweet!
  • Asked by the State Secretary to be project partner in Bonaire on sustainable agriculture.
  • The scientific paper on salt tolerant legumes came out. VU University Amsterdam together with Salt Farm Texel.
  • Our CEO was invited to have a TEDx talk. The organization was looking for the most innovative pioneer of Europe, with a world changing idea.
  • Presentation for delegation of agriculture of California.
  • Marc Foods started the 'Saline Revolution'.